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Elf & Doll Museum

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Talonpty 1
Did you know...
The specialty of the museum are rare mechanical dolls and elves.

What is an Elf Museum?
The Elf Museum, a unique Finnish tourist attraction is suitable for those between 0 and 100 years. Here you can experience and see Santa Claus and elves from the time of your grandma and grandpa, Christmas and Easter decorations as well as dolls, toys and teddybears. You can watch them move. We activate various mechanical elves and dolls to the delight of our visitors. In the café inside the grain barn you can admire paper and plastic dolls. Or walk on the cobblestone street and get acquainted with old-fashioned clothes. Peek inside the engine barn and see how grandpa harvested grain. We recount the birth of the area and demonstrate how dolls and teddybears are made. We will show you how laundry was washed and mangled, coffee grained, milk separated, how music was listened to, what machines were used on the fields.

Elf Museum
An old wedge stone cowshed. Here you can see Santa and elves from grandma’s and grandpa’s time, mechanical elves, old Christmas decorations from us and abroad. The oldest ornaments in the museum date back to the early 19th century.

Doll Museum
An 18th century building beautifully decorated with furniture, dolls and toys from the same period. In the upstairs premises are a doll-maker’s chamber, a dressmaker’s shop and a weaving mill. Magazine 7 wonders. A laundry and a mangle room, a grain barn café with a paper and plastic doll exhibition. A shop, where you can buy dolls, elves and souvenirs. In the upstairs of the shop a doll chamber and an exhibition of modern dolls. In the stable an exhibition of old Easter decorations and mechanical Santa Clauses. In the attic of the stable an elves’ workshop. In the woodshed are displayed old hand tools. The old smithy has been turned into a grill hut, where pancake and barbeque festivals can be arranged. In the garden are several seats and a beautiful small gazebo.