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Museums in Ostrobothnia is a joint portal of all the museums in Ostrobothnia, which offers information about the museums and their collections. Verbal descriptions of the museums are illustrated by beautiful photographs. The museums have been categorized according to themes and municipalities. It is also possible to search for museums in the portal with the help of a map or a search word. The portal is quadrilingual. It is published in Finnish, Swedish, Russian and English.

The museum portal was inaugurated in June 2012. It has been deviced in collaboration with the Ostrobothnian Museum, KulturÖsterbotten, Pohjanmaan liitto, Pohjanmaan Matkailu and all the local museums in the county of Ostrobothnia as well as the museums of Teuva and Karijoki in South Ostrobothnia. The Ostrobothnian Museum maintains and updates the portal. The public can use the portal as a source of information about the museums in Ostrobothnia. In addition the portal aims at offering more coverage and marketing possibilities for big and smaller museums.

New technology and media have been utilized in the portal in order to supply interactivity and enable the museums and visitors to encounter. The portal has a Facebook page of its own, and those who wish, can subscribe for a RSS feed, which they can use to keep up to date with upgrades. The content of the portal can also be shared in various social media.

The project has received financing from the Ostrobothnian LEADER programme through Aktion Österbotten, Yhyres-kehittämisyhdistys ry and Suupohjan Kehittämisyhdistys ry. Other financing has been received from the Otto A. Malm donation fund and Svenska Kulturfonden.

Photographs have been taken by Jessica Lindgren, unless otherwise mentioned. Copyright is held by the Ostrobothnian Museum.


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Ostrobothnian Museum


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Magdalena Lindroos, Project Leader


Kaj Höglund, Provincial Museum Researcher



Jessica Lindgren, 2012


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Oy Creamarketing Ab, 2012


Finnish translation

Paula Bertell / Wasa Translations 2012


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Suvi Ylimannila


Russian translation

Jaakko Linkamo